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AMVR Lens Anti-Scratch Ring Protecting Myopia

AMVR Lens Anti-scratch Frame Silicone Ring can protect your VR Headset lens from scratches on the glasses.

Set Composition :
2 * Lens Protection Frame
2 * Black Silicone Rings High ( I )
1 * Red Silicone Rings High ( I )
1 * Blue Silicone Rings High ( I )
2 * Black Silicone Rings Medium ( II )
1 * Red Silicone Rings Medium ( II )
1 * Blue Silicone Rings Medium ( II )
2 * Black Silicone Rings Low ( III )
1 * Red Silicone Rings Low ( III )
1 * Blue Silicone Rings Low ( III )

【AMVR Patented Original Design】Anti-scratch Washer for Glasses, AMVR’s unique design, is used to protect glasses from scratching VR lenses. Can be compatible with Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift S and Oculus Go.
【Set Composition】The Set has Two pieces Lens Protection Frame and 12 pieces Silicone Rings. The 12 silicone rings are divided into three specifications, namely high, medium and low. The high ones are 7mm thick, the middle ones are 5mm thick, and the low ones are 4mm thick. Consumers can choose the gasket that suits them according to their comfort level.
【Easy to Install】First, Remove the original lens protection frame. Second, Select the appropriate silicone ring to install on the AMVR lens protection frame. Then, Secure one end of the lens protection frame in and press the other end down. When you hear a “click”, it means that the installation has been successful.
【Enhance the VR experience】When you are wearing glasses and playing VR, you no longer need to worry that the glasses will scratch the VR lens. AMVR Lens Anti-scratch Pad Silicone Ring can protect your VR lens from scratches.
【Please Note】The VR Headsets and the Glasses are not INCLUDED !

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