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Atari Arcade Fightstick USB Dual Joystick 2

ATARI USB Dual Arcade Fight stick with Trackball

Enjoy fierce fighting games with your friends and family using this 2 player fight stick.
Features retro arcade themed top panel, high quality buttons and joysticks, and easy access interior, offering you an enjoyable, fast, and responsive arcade gaming experience at home.
Relive arcade classics on your home computer or video game console. The integrated trackball allows you to experience retro arcade games with their original controls.
The reliable joystick completes your experience with fast and precise input.

8 Buttons per player
2 Joysticks with bat top
Compatible with: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, Mac, Android, PS3, Older Xbox PC Version, Raspberry Pi
Dimensions: 23.22 x 10.43 x 4.33 inches
Weight: 17.6lbs
What is in the box: USB dual fight stick with trackball; USB cable; Starter guide

In simultaneous 2 player games both joysticks and sets of buttons will be used.
In alternate 2 player games only one joystick and set of buttons will be used.
Compatibility may vary based on game. Trackball not compatible with consoles.
Xbox compatibility: It is only compatible with xbox PC version if a specific driver installed on PC (

Frequently Asked Questions
1.What is the difference between “Atari USB Fightstick” vs “Atari Ultimate Fightstick”?
Atari USB Fightstick: Only the USB game controller (don’t come with games)
Atari Ultimate Fightstick: USB game controller + Raspberry Pi 3B+ Board + Game Card (Over 100 Licensed Atari Games Preinstalled)

2. What should I do when only one controller working on Raspberry Pi?
If only 1 controller works on Raspberry Pi, it needs some configuration to make the system identify 2 players, please kindly see the below

Your go-to 2 player fight stick choice for emulation of arcade games with your friends and family at home. Features sturdy buttons and great joystick ergonomics
High Performance: Features large, spaced-out buttons, 8 direction bat top joystick to deliver great responsiveness and excellent control with a real arcade feel. Trackball is intended to be used with emulation environment
Comfortable Gaming: Arcade style top panel offers a support on your arm, wrist, and whole hand for better control
Easy Access: Top lid can be opened access the internal parts for full control and customization to your own game style. Roomy interior with additional storage for USB cable and other components
Broad Compatibility. Works with PC Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Linux, Mac, Android, Raspberry Pi, PlayStation 3, Xbox PC Version with a specific driver installed on PC

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