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Dirt Track Racing (Jewel Case) – PC

In Dirt Track Racing, players start with $1,000 in their pocket. With the money, players need to purchase their vehicle. They start in the lowest class of competition and will need to buy a hobby stock car for $500. Then by winning prize money and attracting sponsorships the player can purchase faster vehicles, racing parts to upgrade their vehicles and enter new classes of competition. Resource management and decision making are just as critical as driving skills if players want to escalate their careers, from amateur to professional.

Dirt Track Racing also features 8 separate series of competitions (local, regional and national) of varying difficulty. Each competition has a full simulation of practice, qualifying, heats and main.

Dirt Track Racing features 3 different play modes (in arcade or full simulation), including single-player racing only, career-mode and multiplayer (up to 10 players) over LAN and Internet. Other game features include:

30 Tracks in 12 different race series:
* Length (1/8th to full mile)
* Banking (flat to 33 degrees)
* Clay or dirt
* Oval, D-oval, tri-oval, egg-shaped, figure 8 (with collisions)

Three Classes:
* Hobby or Pure Stock (cheap, no modifications)
* Production Stock (more advanced, stock body, some modifications to mechanics allowed)
* Late Model Class (professional, highly modified, fiberglass bodies)

18 Vehicles across 3 classes:
* Each vehicle has 5 paint schemes (a total of 90 paint schemes)
* Players can choose the number they want on the car
* When player’s attract sponsorships the sponsor’s logo will appear on
* the vehicle

Resource Management (player’s can spend their money for):
* Purchasing new vehicles
* Upgrades
* Repairs
* Entry fees
* Tires and practice time on the track

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