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Light And Dance VR – Music, Action And

Some people say it’s a music visualisation….others say it’s a virtual disco…, i say, it’s a whole new Music Experience….jump in and make your own decision in Virtual Reality!

inGame Visualization Video Sample on Youtube!

This is a true VR only Experience and the first Virtual Reality Disco ever!

Does Music make you feel different?
Do you think it is possible to see the beauty of Music?
I think yes!
I am going to bring it to the next level and make YOU love music even more.
Step into another Dimension and be a Part of the Virtual Revolution…
…where everything you can imagine is possible…
…where Music and Light makes you dance!

How it works (first possibility)
Step 1: play your Music
Step 2: start the game
Step 3: enjoy!

How it works (second possibility)
Step 1: start the game
Step 2: choose a radio station
Step 3: enjoy!

The Idea:
Start you music on your Computer from
Youtube, Spotify, Google Play music, and any other Music Player,…
ANY source is supported!
Then start the Game and experience the running song or playlist more vibrant, with moving colors and lights in extraordinary beautiful environments.

You don’t need to bother you with choosing your own music. If you want, you can just use some radio stations in the game to power the game with awesome music!


-Radio stations with nice music you can choose from in the game to enjoy
-Calory tracking while dancing!
-Supports any music source
-Jump into to the dance-floor and jump to change the Environment.
-You can use this as a music visualizer too, lean back, chill and enjoy!
-Many user defined setup possibilities.
-Great visuals!
-A completely variating Dance-Floor. Many different patterns and nice colors, there are even color transitions to the beat.
-Many Environments and the menu Environment. -> MORE will come…
-Realistic volumetric Lights and Fog.
-Use your VR-Controller for “drawing”.
-Swipe through Environments with the VR-Controller.

Many great Updates are planned and will come….Game Modes,…Environments,… πŸ˜‰

OOOTHERSIDE – This Time by Mike B. Fort
(also playable on Oculus Rift)

System Requirements:

  • Supported Platforms: HTC VIVE / HTC VIVE Pro / Oculus Rift         
  • Additional Requirements: Play area:seated,standing,room_scale / Input Method:Vive Controllers,oculus_touch

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