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NexiGo 2020 Newest Touch Controller Grip

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VR Lens Protect Cover

Specially Designed for Oculus Quest 2, the cover is dust-proof, scratch-resistant and shock-resistant, using top-grade materials, soft and lightweight, you don’t have to worry about anything scratching the lens.

Knuckle Strap

Made of high-quality PU material, this knuckle strap allows you to release your hands from the controllers but keeps them in place which can add better immersions while in the VR experience.

Touch Controller Grip Cover

Made of premium TPU plastic protecting the touch controllers from impacting, scratching, and soiling.


Compatible Device

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 2

Oculus Quest 1/2

Color Selection





【Premium Material】Made of high-end environmentally friendly silicone and PU leather, so the is safe and sanitary, and no irritation to the skin.
【Touch Controller Grip Cover】NexiGo Grip Cover uses high-end silica gel material, which effectively protects the handle from sweat erosion in the experience. NexiGo Grip Cover has delicate soft handle and anti-release bumps, improves the tightness between the buckle-type anti-loosening and the handle to prevent loosening.  makes the experience more immersed, does not affect the handle positioning and enhances the interactive entertainment between virtual and reality.
【Knuckle Strap】High quality PU Knuckle Strap allows you to release your hands from the controller without dropping them. Strap design for adjustable length, it can be used with different sized hands, makes your hands and controllers perfectly fit. it can be used with the original strap, adding extra protection and more stability in using the controller.
【Lens Protect Cover】This VR Lens protect cover is made in soft foam and fabric, perfectly embedded in the Oculus Quest/ Rift S and will not detach, protects your lens from scratching and damage. It is scratch-proof and dust-proof.

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