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YOTMS Y1 Xbox One Stereo Gaming Headset with

Product Description

gaming headsetgaming headset

YOTMS RGB Gaming Headset — Y1 Series

This is a wired gaming headset, comfortable design, noise reduction microphone technology, 7.1 sound effects, and RGB lighting effects, allowing customers to use wired gaming headsets, immersive experience, reducing the game process Affected by noise, the cool exterior design has a game atmosphere and a better gaming experience.


The USB plug is only used to power the LED lights (while the 3.5mm plug is used for microphones and headphones), the headset can be used without connecting a USB cable.In the cable control, there is a small button that can be turned on and off. Make sure to turn it on for the microphone to work properly.This headset includes: headset with 3.5mm interface, 1-in-2 adapter cable, manual, if you need a Microsoft adapter (not included), please purchase additional.

PS4 gaming headsetPS4 gaming headset

Multi-platform Compatibility of Wired Gaming Headsets

Y1 gaming headset is the main gaming headset for PlayStation 4, Xbox one, PC, Laptop ect. As long as your gaming device has a 3.5mm interface, you can use our Y1 gaming headset, which can bring you a vivid sound field, clear sound and shocking sound.

PS: Some xbox one devices require additional adapters, otherwise it may fail to connect.

How to connect Y1 gaming headset to PS4?

Insert the 3.5mm interface into the PS4 device;Press and hold the PS4 button to enter “System Settings”;Select “Audio Device”, select “Output to Headphone”;Change it to “All Audio”.

PS: PC gaming headsets can be used directly on Windows and Mac OS PCs, the green plug is for audio and the red plug is for the microphone.

gaming headsetgaming headset

Why Choose YOTMS Gaming Headset?

High-quality materials: The arm guard is used in conjunction with the new second-generation skin-friendly material to reduce heat and sweat and is more suitable for long-term wear.High compatibility: use 32-bit and 64-bit Win 7 / Win8 / Win8.1 / Win 10 / XP.Comfortable feeling: high-grade wearable TPE, soft texture, delicate and comfortable feel, and elegant appearance.Practical design: the decompression belt makes your headphones have better scalability. The simple structure, lightweight gameplay, and high-quality materials make it highly practical. The soft design tells you indestructible.Easy to install: plug and play, 3.5 mm plug for microphone and earphone + USB plug for light, more fully ensure the stability of the sound.LED lights: highlight the atmosphere of the game (USB interface is only used to power the LED lights).



Product Detail

Drive: 40mm

Speaker: φ40mm+φ23mml

Speaker sensitivity: 95±3dB

Impedance: 20ohms±15%

Microphone: 6.0*2.7mm

Microphone sensitivity: -38±3dB

Cable length: 2.1M±0.5

Headphone jack: USB+3.5MM+4Pin

YOTMS Wired Gaming Headset

About Y1 gaming headset FAQ:

Q: What is the purpose of the USB socket?

A: The USB socket is used for lights, plug in existing lights.

Q: What equipment is the headset suitable for?

A:This headset is suitable for all 3.5mm devices, such as: PS4, Xbox One, PC, notebook, etc. (Xbox one may require additional adapters)

Q: Does the headset have volume control keys?

A: Yes, there is a volume control button on the remote control, you can use it to control the volume, microphone on/off, and light on/off.

Xbox one headset

Xbox one headset

Xbox one headset

Xbox one headset

Xbox one headset

Xbox one headset

Xbox one headset

Xbox one headset


The microphone design with noise reduction function can not only swing the position of the microphone 360 degrees, but also eliminate the influence of environmental noise, giving you an immersive gaming experience.


YOTMS Y1 earphones use 40mm drivers and 7.1 stereo surround sound design. With it, you will feel a more immersive experience, surrounded by bass.


YOTMS Y1 earphones use RGB lighting design, you will have colorful lighting, making you wear more cool.


Designed with comfortable materials, the headset is suitable for gamers with a relatively large head circumference. It is more comfortable to wear, and there is no pressure to wear for a long time.

NOISE-REDUCTION MICROPHONE: YOTMS PS4 headphones provides higher-end noise reduction. It uses a omni-directional noise-reduction microphone that can rotate 360°. You can communicate your voice information more clearly and clearly during use. In addition, the headset comes with a volume adjustment controller, you can achieve a one-button function.
COMFORTABLE & HUMANIZED DESIGN: YOTMS earphone use metal suspended head beam, skin-like protein skin sponge pad and large in-ear earmuffs, made of soft leather, which not only reduces hearing damage, but also softer and more breathable, giving you lasting Comfort. The suspension head beam automatically adjusts the headband tightness according to different head shapes, so you won’t feel uncomfortable even if you wear it for a long time.
PERFECT SOUND QUALITY: YOTMS gaming headphones, 40mm drive, bass surround sound . During use, feel the headphones provide incredible surround sound and stunning sound for a variety of games, music and more.
6 MONTHS QUALITU ASSURANCE: We promise to present the best quality YOTMS gaming headsets to our customers. Since the date of purchase of YOTMS headset, we have been providing customers with 12 months of service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service staff.

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